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These courses are designed to help working mothers, single mothers and/or entrepreneur mothers who are overwhelmed with busy daily schedules and feel stuck, they face challenges such as making time for their families, husbands/partners, self-care and healthy lifestyles. They also find it difficult to maintain a healthy mental state and to prevent getting stressed. I have divided my course into a main course and three mini courses with different phases, so that my clients can choose which phase(s) suits their needs, the whole course tends to provide a holistic guide, that addresses all round challenges that most mothers face in their daily lives. Members will have full and free access to our membership site on facebook: 'The incredible potentials', the information on how to join this will be sent to your email, once you purchase this plan. This is a site where mothers and women discuss issues that affects us, life challenges and the likes, we host live events and teaching forums where we invite experts in diverse fields that are important to our health and wellness, to teach and address questions of members.

Each phase in this course deals with strategies to help overcome an aspect of our daily challenges and there are seven phases, which are 7 steps altogether. In order to achieve and maintain a state of well-being, we need to develop a positive mentality, developing a positive mentality is covered in all of the phases, due to its importance. You will also learn to develop and maintain a regular healthy diet intake, exercise regimen, good sleep pattern and habit, effective time management, financial management, healthy lifestyle, and education, career development and effective job preparation techniques.

I feel that every mother deserves to enjoy being a mother and to live long and happy lives, so, if you have been struggling with daily chores, work and family life as a working mother, this is for you. I have been in this situation and almost had a breakdown, i had to re-evaluate my life, sought expert help and got through alright, using different learnt strategies and skills that i am sharing here. This course has helped people focus on the step-by-step, easy to apply and detailed methods to achieving healthier lifestyles and becoming happier and it actually works, also, you will not find it exactly the same anywhere because, i have shared a lot of my personal experience, backed up by evidence.

Hi, I'm Taiwo (nee Taiye)

Hi, I'm Taiwo, i work in the operating theatre as a scrub nurse, i married with, two children, i am a health and wellness coach and an entrepreneur. I am a graduate of Food Science and Technology and Marketing Management. I am also, a christian and i love God. I have been through some experiences in life as a mother and i know it can be really hectic to juggle motherhood with work and family life and sometimes studies. I have learnt from my experiences and research, some very effective strategies that enable me to maintain a comfortable balance between my work and family life. Having tried several methods over a period of time, i have develop some strategies that have really worked for me and are effective to help reduce stress, live healthier, be happy and have self-care and family time, with some help and support of my husband and children. This course is a holistic approach and i decided to create it because i have seen a lot of mothers struggling and going through what i have been through, so i am sharing my strategies in this course, to reach out and help working mothers. I have put a lot into doing this, but i feel it's worth the time and effort, especially because of some feed backs i have been receiving from my clients, i welcome you to join us.

Hello Taiwo

We are grateful to have come on this course and started putting its lessons to practice immediately. While it is quite difficult to find the time for daily exercises amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, work, and children's after school activities, this course taught us how to organize and make time for daily exercises and wellness. The suggestions on using Apps that suggest different daily exercises was particularly helpful in making sure that the exercises and the schedule do not become too rote to be sustainable. We are very happy we found this course and look forward to future courses.

-Ken and Gosia

Hello Gorgeous T.

I always had trouble sleeping and when I eventually fall asleep I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, but when I get to bed, no matter the time, I can never go back to sleep. This has been a great worry for me because it started affecting my days, I was getting stressed and anxious but since I started following your advice and exercising 30 minutes every day, I now sleep so much better. I started walking everywhere and on days I could not walk I tried to dance in the evenings. Thanks so much for your help, I feel like my life is so much better now. Lack of sleep can really lead to so many ailments. Also, your teaching has helped me to improve my exercise habit and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you.

-Dammy L. 

Hi Taiwo

Great tutorial- found it extremely helpful. It really increased my awareness of my personal health and what I can do to improve it. There is lots of detail included but it’s also easy to follow. I’ve gained some new knowledge that I was unfamiliar with before. 

Many Thanks 


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